Hi! Welcome to my blog.

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I’m Serah and I am the Content Creator of Chronicles of Salt and Light blog which is designed as a lifestyle blog that tells stories that inspire others in their own life’s journey. Why Salt and Light, if you may ask? My mandate as a daughter of the Most High is to be the flavor and light that shines before others drawing people to my Father in heaven in this journey of LIFE! My articles coverage includes Faith, Parenting, Marriage, Work, Finances, Health Matters and Play.

When I am not working as a technology project manager or journaling, I am a wife, mommy to 2 doting children, big sister and aunty. My favorite pass times include reading books, cooking and eating gourmet food, gardening, staying indoors and when an opportunity presents itself for road trip or long distance travel, I do so with my Partner in Life and Husband!!!

Come join me in this journey,