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Chronicles of salt and light is a blog site which is designed as a Christian lifestyle blog that tells stories that inspire others in their own life’s journey.

Ordinary person, extraordinary things…

During my late sister’s mashakaya (season of mourning), I believe it was like the 4th day early morning, there was this lady – one of moms friends since the 80s- that came to condole with Mom. My brother, mom, a close friend of mom and I were having breakfast. For some reason, it’s on this day that Mom was able to articulate the events that led to my sister’s death in detail in the presence of this wonderful lady. During […]

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Happy International Womens Day 2022! #BreakingTheBias

Happy International Women’s day!!! “…Beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30 KJV #Breakingthebias

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Demonstration of GOD redeeming in numbers

It’s amazing how God is so keen and astute in numbers. No wonder there is a whole book in the Old Testament called Numbers. Suffice to say, the New Testament kick starts with the book of Matthew whereby number representation is significant in the genealogy of Jesus. I love math and logic which has been the basis of my career. I couldn’t help but observe the correlation between the genealogy of our Lord Jesus Christ and the significant numbers that […]

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