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Ordinary person, extraordinary things…

During my late sister’s mashakaya (season of mourning), I believe it was like the 4th day early morning, there was this lady – one of moms friends since the 80s- that came to condole with Mom. My brother, mom, a close friend of mom and I were having breakfast. For some reason, it’s on this day that Mom was able to articulate the events that led to my sister’s death in detail in the presence of this wonderful lady.


During this season, my mom was as strong as an ox. All my years growing up I have never seen her cry – not when alone and not in public. Not even when my dad passed away 26 years ago. In fact, my mom is that choleric mom who has an abject cringing reaction to tears and public displays of emotions. On this day, our maternal tower of strength and stout heartedness broke down in tears and we all couldn’t help but join in her anguish of losing her beloved lastborn and precious ‘handbag’ – story for another day.


This lady came and placed her hand on my back and immediately I felt the atmosphere around me zapped from hopelessness to Faith. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit as a fire on my back from the nape of my neck to the tail end of my back and a fluffy feathery-like warm blanket encased me. I felt strength renewed in my spirit like no other. She began flowing in deep sweet intercession gently as a dove. I quickly recalled in my mind that this lady had lost her wonderful husband some years back as well as her precious son. This lady was carrying the grace of intercession.


I was really taken aback by this experience and this morning God highlighted this scenario to me and the fact that He is moving as a mighty wave in ordinary mundane people. The glory carriers don’t look like it in fact one might dismiss them for they don’t look the part. They wear the appearance of just ordinary – ordinary housewives, ordinary workers, ordinary employees, ordinary friends but they carry the presence of God unlike no other. God had to bring this lady to comfort Mom at her lowest, raw moment and to bring healing to her. It had to be her at that opportune time because she carries a life experience or grace that only Mom could recognize at that moment. Grace enough for that very moment. This was a clear picture to me of how God intricately know us and understands us in a way that can astonish you. This lady reminded me of what a yielded life to Him looks like. This lady reminded me of Anna of the Bible – she was a prophet who got to witness the birth of Jesus Christ at the temple having lived a yielded life of intercession after she was widowed. She was just an ordinary person, doing an extraordinary thing.


I don’t know what your ordinary looks like. Do not discount your ordinary. He uses the ordinary.


It’s funny how God teaches using past intimate personal events that you would otherwise dismiss as an ordinary life events to reflect His extraordinary glory. [I do not own the rights to this picture].

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