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Demonstration of GOD redeeming in numbers

It’s amazing how God is so keen and astute in numbers. No wonder there is a whole book in the Old Testament called Numbers. Suffice to say, the New Testament kick starts with the book of Matthew whereby number representation is significant in the genealogy of Jesus.

I love math and logic which has been the basis of my career. I couldn’t help but observe the correlation between the genealogy of our Lord Jesus Christ and the significant numbers that popped up. For a start, there are 3 cycles of 14 generations from our father Abraham to Joseph the earthly father of our LORD Jesus Christ. In addition, each cycle has 2 multiples of 7. Moreover, 1 cycle represents 35 years. 35 years has 5 multiples of 7. The number 2 represents a witness as well as a union. In each cycle there are evidence of witnesses and unions. Biblically 3 represents completeness, oneness, unity, and even divine fullness. The 3 cycles were complete in themselves. 5 represents the number of grace. We see that in every multiple of 5, God extended His precious grace to manking. 7 represents total perfection. 14 represents double perfection. Evidently, God shows that in each of the 3 cycles, He affirms the double perfection! Ahhh, this God is too much oh!

One of the questions at the back of my mind was why to start with Abraham why not Adam. I was quickly reminded that God promised Abraham that He would multiply his seed as the stars in the heaven and as the sand that is by the seashore. in the commentary of my CSB study Bible, it stated that “Jesus is the new Abraham, the founder of a new spiritual Israel consisting of all people (both Jews and Gentiles) who chose to follow Him”. The other question that popped into my mind was why to include David in the genealogy. What became clear as day was that Jesus came from a genealogy of kings and that He was the soon expected coming King of kings!

Clearly, the genealogy of our Lord Jesus Christ shows God’s perfected work. Perfected in the sense that He is in the business of completing what He has started. No wonder He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning, and the End. It doesn’t matter whether you are from riches or poverty, well-read or ignorant. All that He seeks for is a man who is willing and obedient to fulfil His purpose.

Jesus’s genealogy was not made of perfect people; Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were liars; Tamar was raped; Rahab was a widow; Ruth remarried Boaz. King David was an adulterer and many more. But you know what God worked with imperfect people to fulfil His perfect work. All He requires is a willing vessel. Arise, Shine, and let the glory of the Lord rise upon you. You are a work in progress in the vineyard of the LORD. He shall perfect you as you keep trusting Him!

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