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The LORD is my Shepherd – Psalms 23:1

It’s been a while since I blogged and what a better way to come back and kickstart a series on the LORD is our Shepherd! Psalms 23 is my all-time favourite Psalm. Sometimes, when you don’t know what to pray for or think about, my fallback plan is usually Psalms 23. It is so rich and full of revelations. What better way to be reminded that the LORD is our Shepherd, in and out of season.

I took time to research and try to understand why David would use an example of liking our LORD is a Shepherd. I got to understand in the old times, Animal husbandry or Shepherding was one of the oldest and lucrative professions of the old. The more animal husbandry one practiced, the more respectable one became as it was equated to be a sign of wealth.

Another thing I discovered was that Shepherds’ used to lead the sheep from the front and not from the back as we usually see in the African culture, especially the nomadic tribes like Maasai. The reason for this is so that the sheep would receive guidance. How is this possible? Shepherds know their sheep one by one despite them being many, and if any of the sheep is hurt, they would receive the utmost attention and loving care to the extent of being nursed till the sheep is healed. The sheep would not follow any other voice other than the Shepherd that takes care of them. That is why Shepherds of the old would always lead from the front, and the sheep would follow the trusted, familiar and assuring voice they know.

We are the sheep, and our Shepherd is the most trusted of our LORD Jesus Christ. Above all else, won’t you let Him lead you? Let Him be the beacon where you can get your direction from. His way and sure. Even if it leads you to the path less travelled, I can assure you; you are not alone. Let Him lead you. Hand over the reigns to Him quit from listening to the little foxes that spoil the vineyard. You are enough and safe with Him.

Let Jesus lead you and be your ever faithful Shepherd!!

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