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Breakfast With The King By Jasmine Macharia

My friend Rose introduced me to this cookbook way back in early 2018, but for some reason, I did not prioritise to follow up on purchasing it. I really love books, and I have been really interested in Kenyan writers of late. I had the opportunity to place an order for the cookbook towards the end of this year by reaching out to the author via Instagram (@cookingwithjaz), and within 2 days, the book was delivered. Her service was delightful!

I have never seen a cookbook that blends in devotionals with the recipes. Indeed, there is a first for everything. I love the fact that she takes you through a journey in understanding her purpose and what it took her to get there. She is a true testament that God is the lover of our souls, and He pursues you until He envelopes you in His gentle, loving arms. Jasmine clearly articulates how one gets to hear the Holy Spirit and can never go wrong when you obey His voice.

I like how the breakfast recipes have been well prepared and presented pictorially using local ingredients. There is a wide variety of breakfast recipes, including brunch, healthy recipes, smoothies, juices, and leftovers, blended with Bible devotions. The book is a classic must-have piece to have in your kitchen, especially if you need to take the level of cooking breakfast to another level. What a great time to use this cookbook to bring a great smile to your families and engage in morning devotions during this season!

Happy reading and cooking too!!!

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