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Happy Thanksgiving

Yesterday, during the worship service, I felt impressed upon me the need to give thanks to the LORD. For some reason Psalms 118 popped up, and it really summarised what my heart was thankful to God for. No one thought that at the beginning of the year 2020, an unknown pandemic would befall us and we would be restricted in terms of movement from and to the church, office, visiting our friends far and wide and even to the extent of masking our mouths. But one thing I have discovered even during this unprecedented time is that a thankful heart is a merry heart. I choose to give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His steadfast love endures forever!

I am grateful for the gift of life. All my bodily faculties work as they were designed and nitty woven from my mother’s womb on the day I was born. I thank Him for the air I breathe how I have taken this oxygen for granted. I am grateful for having first loved me with an everlasting love. This love, excess love, too much love! He has my heart. He is the keeper of my heart! I am grateful for the privilege of family and friends. If you still have your family members and friends present and alive, count it all joy! I never thought I would live in a lifetime, where I could work an 8-5 job from home, raise my children and make a home and get to pocket the reward of my hard work. Only God made it possible, and the beauty was that it was the desire of my heart. Let me tell you, why, I used to feel guilty, leaving the house at the wee hours of the morning and get home late when they were about to go to sleep. Parents with under 5-year-olds understand the dilemma very well. The LORD has been my strength and my song, and he became my salvation.

Why don’t you cast your care upon him, trust him wholly, lean on in him and let him be your refuge. End the month of November 2020 victoriously!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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