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Why you act the way you do By Tim LaHaye

In my first year of university, in 2003, I had an opportunity to go for a 3-day youth camp at Katoloni prayer centre in Machakos county. In one of the sessions, an exercise required the youth to fill in a questionnaire before the session started. It was quite an uphill task because it needed one to think about your persona journey from childhood to teenagehood and youth. To cut a long story short, the facilitator, Mr Mwonga (Also my former primary deputy teacher), took us through our questionnaire results. I was astonished to discover how accurate my influences are, a thoroughbred combinatory personality type gearing towards the introvert type. After the camp, I made a concerted effort to ensure I secure myself a personal copy of the late Tim Lahaye’s why you act the way you do at Keswick bookshop.

This book opens up by describing the different temperaments that are there meticulously and how they influence everything we do. These include but not limited to how you study, how you eat, how you drive, how you write, how you shop, how you communicate, how we discipline children, and yes, even how God uses us in the giftings He has given us and how we minister to the LORD. One example that I identify with, and I can’t help myself but break laughing out loud whenever I come across the statement that sanguines enter the room mouth first. The author starts by describing life scenarios and how different temperaments behave. As drivers, cholerics are described as daring speed demons who dart in and out of traffic. Of parenting, phlegmatics are least likely to spank their children. When it comes to eating, sanguines eat everything that comes their way. Of shopping, melancholies are decisive and shop for exquisite and high-quality goods and services. The author has written the book in parts outlining the power of temperament, identifying your temperament, and the relation between your temperament and vocation, emotions, love & marriage, and finally, your relationship with God (Spiritual Life).

Why should you read this book, you may ask? This book helped me at a time when I was trying to understand myself better. I got to know the areas which are my strengths and to work on my weaknesses. I found it beautiful that our weaknesses can be strengthened through the Holy Spirit’s fruit, i.e., Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-control (Galatians 5:22-23 NKJV). Apostle Paul knew and understood this discipline of working on oneself daily until the character of Christ is fully formed in our lives. It would be best if you read this book because it helps relate to others better and help form truthful and honest bonds. Purchase this book and keep a copy of it for now and for future reference. I will be looking forward to your feedback and review comments on the text below.

Happy reading!!!

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why you act the way you do by Tim La Haye

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